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Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned us the trust of industry leaders like PRC-Saltillo, Tobii Dynavox, and Therapybox, who have integrated our software into their own services. We’re also trusted by assisting organizations such as Team Gleason, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and Bridging Voice.

We are honored to have been featured in a Washington Post article, which you can read here.


Here at The Voice Keeper, we believe that every voice is unique and should be heard. Join us in our mission to make voice preservation more personal, accessible, and easy for all.

About Us

At The Voice Keeper, we’re not just creating voices; we’re empowering individuals. Welcome to our journey

Welcome to The Voice Keeper, where we make preserving voices simple and accessible. Our journey began in 2011 with a clear goal - to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to keep their unique voice, no matter the circumstances.

Our story is rooted in a challenge we faced when asked to create a synthetic voice for a person who could no longer record his own voice. The available recordings were noisy, low-quality, and repetitive. This experience ignited a spark in us and led to the creation of a user-friendly voice banking system.

Our Human touch

Our Motivation

We designed a unique solution that requires fewer recordings, gives real-time feedback, and works seamlessly with the device most people already carry - their smartphone. This makes us the only company that allows you to create a synthetic voice right from an app, available on both iPhone and Android.


Over the years, we’ve helped more than 3000 individuals preserve their voice identities. We currently offer services in English, Spanish, German and Hebrew, and we’re working on adding more languages. The voices we create can be used on all AAC devices and many AAC apps, providing versatility for our users.


Meet the team

Meet the passionate individuals behind The Voice Keeper. Our diverse team is dedicated to making voice preservation more personal, accessible, and easy for all.

Jennifer Borzumato

Jennifer, our leading voice coach, helps folks of all ages find their synthetic voice. Based in New York and with a background in theatre, film, and TV, she knows a thing or two about voiceovers! When she's not guiding others, she’s probably practicing her lines for her next big role.

Diana Gurvitz Gladstein

Diana, our project manager, is likely the first friendly voice you'll hear when you have a query or need support. She has a knack for balancing her passion for helping people with her busy life as a mom to four kiddos. She’s our perfect blend of organized and empathetic.

Elik Gurvitz

Elik lives and breathes voice technology! With over two decades under his belt, he's spent the last 12 years dedicated to making life a bit easier through voice tech, especially for our AAC users. When he's not tinkering with signals, you'll find him enjoying the skies in a small (or a large) airplane or spending time with his four kids

Krystian Dużyński

Our tech wizard Krystian makes sure everything runs smoothly and our Text To Speech engine is firing on all cylinders. No system too tricky or challenge too towering for him to tackle! When he's not decoding complexities, he's likely building his next drone masterpiece.

Andrey Andreev

Andrey, our chief software engineer, is the mastermind who turned our system from a blank canvas into a work of art. Andrey, like the rest of our team, doesn't really work. He wakes up each morning to his passion - coding.


Take a look at our journey and involvement in past events and exhibitions. We’re proud to showcase our commitment to making a difference in the field of voice preservation.

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