Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Who can benefit from The Voice Keeper?

Besides diverse, high quality generic voices, our system allows you to create a unique personal voice for your own use or for donating it to someone who cannot record his or her own voice. Personalized voices benefit both adults and children. So far, The Voice Keeper has been used for the following: - Children with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy - Adults with ALS / MND / SBMA / Tourette syndrome / selective mutism / Parkinson’s disease / voice disorders / laryngeal cancer / laryngectomy

What languages/accents are currently available?

Your age and accent matter to us! Generic voices: Diverse age groups (children, teens, and adults) and accents (American/African-American/British/Canadian English). More diverse voices are coming soon! Personal voices: Currently we support English (American and British Isles accents) and Hebrew, and other languages are currently in the works.

Will my personal voice sound like me?

Our newest DNN based system “learns” your voice from your recordings. The better the quality of your recordings, the better your personal voice will sound. The system will learn your voice’s acoustics and pronunciation so your personal voice will sound as close as possible to the original. However, it is important to remember that it is still a synthetic voice.

Will all the personal voices be the same quality?

The quality of the created voice depends on the recording quality and your voice strength.

What if I cannot record by myself?

You can always choose a generic voice from our diverse pool of voices. Or you may choose to ask a friend, a relative, or a sibling to record their voice, and get a voice you are emotionally connected to, unique only to you. We call this a voice donation.

What is the optimal recording environment?

All you need is a quiet room and a high quality microphone.

What is the best recommended microphone?

Any of the following microphones are very good options: 1) An iPhone 2) A recommended USB headset (Sennheiser or Microsoft LifeChat) 3) Macbook 2019+ DO NOT use: Other laptops built-in microphones Analog microphones (3.5mm connection) Webcam microphones You can read more in our blog post on microphones.

I've got a warning that my microphone is not recommended. What should I do?

Only a handful of microphones are suitable for voice banking in order to create a proper quality voice. If you received this warning - chances are that the voice quality is non-optimal. However, there is a slight chance that we are simply not familiar with your microphone setup, and if you are confident you are using a high quality microphone - you may continue recording and ignore the warning. A good microphone is one of the keys to getting a good personal voice. If you want to achieve the highest quality home-made recording, please keep the following in mind when recording: use a quiet, echoless room and a high quality USB headset microphone. Alternatively, you can also record your voice using MacBook’s built-in microphone or iPhone/iPad. Both have great microphones, just please be sure to record in a quiet environment.

Are there any additional tips on microphones?

Even when using a quality microphone, it is important to keep the following in mind: - make sure that the microphone is as close to your mouth as possible, without touching your lips - verify that your iPhone/iPad’s microphone is not covered by a protective case - avoid touching the microphone during the recording - rotate your iPad upside down to position the microphone nearest your mouth (the mic is located is on the upper side)

How long will my personal voice be saved?

Your voice is saved with us until you purchase it. Please keep in mind that your personal data will be deleted after 5 years, unless you ask us to delete it sooner.

Where is my personal data stored?

The data is stored according to your location, on the cloud in the US / UK / Canada / Germany (for the rest of Europe).

Can I have access to my data?

Sure, you can get a copy of your personal recordings, just contact us.

Is it possible to use my past recordings?

Yes, The Voice Keeper allows you to create your own personal voice not only from the recordings that are made via our app ( voice banking), but also from previously recorded messages ( message banking), or from mixing both old and new recordings. You will be able to choose which voice version you like the best. Read more in our blog.

What is a voice donation?

When you cannot record your own voice, but you still want to get a unique, personal voice, you can do it with a voice donation. Ask a friend, a relative, or a sibling to record their voice, and get a voice you are emotionally connected to, one that is unique to you.

Do you have any special plans for SLP/RCSLTs and educational institutes?

Of course! We value our professionals' feedback and offer them our free Pro trial license to allow them demonstrate their personal voice to their patients. Are you a professional? All you need to do is to build a voice with 100 sentences and contact us. Visit our " For Professionals" page! Discounts for educational institutes are also available, please contact us and get an individual purchase plan for your school. Visit our " For Institutes" page!

What are the minimum device requirements to use the voice?

With modern technologies, producing human-like speech requires a lot of processing power. In order to achieve a fast response time, a current iOS device is recommended. Here is an example of recommended devices: iPhone 12 Pro Max (and later) iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 iPad Air (4th generation) iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPad Pro (12.9-inch 3rd generation) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) iPad Pro (11-inch) iPad mini (5th generation) iPad Air (3rd generation) iPad (8th generation) iPhone XS Max iPhone XS iPhone XR iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone X iPad Pro (12.9-inch 2nd generation) iPad Pro (10.5-inch) iPad (6th generation) iPad (7th generation) iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPad Pro (12.9-inch) iPad Pro (9.7-inch) - this one is our founder's test device and it works pretty fast :)

Recording Your Voice - Voice Banking

How to start? How does the recording process look?

Actually, it is very easy and fast. - Choose your recording device: PC/iOS. - Immediate sign up / registration. - Read aloud the sentences on the screen. - Each approx. 10 minutes of recording you will reach a milestone and get a new voice version (30, 100, 200…). You can keep recording until you are satisfied with your voice. *Recording can be done with an iPhone OR a MacBook WITHOUT an external USB microphone. **For recording on a PC it is recommended to use a USB headset.

Will spreading out the recordings significantly impact the recording results? When should I stop recording?

You can record at your own pace, according to your voice strength, it won't impact the recording results. Some record 200 sentences at once, some record 20 sentences each day. You can keep recording until you are satisfied with your voice. We recommend to stop recording after there is no significant improvement between milestones.

How many sentences do I have to record to build my voice?

You’ll have a basic personal voice after recording only 30 sentences, kind of a sample. You should be able to recognize yourself, but recording for only 7 minutes, additional 70 sentences will make a great difference. Usually, after 200-300 sentences you’ll reach 95% of the quality.

How much time will it take to record?

Recording a milestone (100 sentences) will take approximately 10 minutes, depending on your speech rate.

How much time it will take to build my personal voice after I’ve finished recording/got to a milestone?

It’s really fast! You will get the first version of your voice after less than 1 hour. Subsequent versions take a bit longer, depending on our servers load, but it’s usually a matter of a few hours. We will email you when a version of your voice is ready and waiting for you to try it.

How important is punctuation?

A lot! Punctuation helps to learn the “melody” of your speech. Follow the punctuation (without saying “comma”, of course :)), don’t make the pauses too long or unnatural as it will lead to unexpected pauses in your personal voice.

My voice is already weakened, is there something to ease a recording process for me?

Of course, you can always choose recording short sentences first in the settings. This feature will significantly ease the recording process.

How do I know I'm recording in a good quality?

If you are using a recommended microphone and following the instruction, you usually can’t go wrong.

What if I'm not sure how to pronounce a word?

It's okay, you can just skip this sentence.

How can I improve my voice? Can I record even more sentences after purchasing it?

You can keep recording until you are satisfied with your personal voice. Even after you’ve already made a purchase, you can still record. You will get an update email with a new update link after every new milestone reached.

Will switching between devices/microphones while recording impact my personal voice quality?

It will, please, don’t do that, unless you have to.

I want to record more sentences and I’ve already reached 500. What should I do?

If you feel like recording more sentences, another set is available for you upon request. Please contact us and we will guide you.

Can I share my voice samples with my family and friends?

Yes, you have sharing buttons both on our desktop and iOS apps. Share your voice and see their reactions!

Using Your Voice

How do I use my personal voice during the evaluation period?

There are two options: 1) The recording website allows you to read aloud free text in order to evaluate your voice. 2) The Voice Keeper FREE iOS app gives you the same evaluation period - on iPhone or iPad, just login with your The Voice Keeper credentials on your iOS device.

What plans are available? What devices can my voice be used on?

Voice creation is free and you can always evaluate it for 90 days, on the website and on The Voice Keeper FREE app. When you decide to purchase a lifetime license, you will get our 2in1 bundle (diverse generic voices AND personal voice). Windows: You can purchase a Windows SAPI license for any Windows-based major communication software, such as Accent devices, Grid 3 and Communicator 5. iOS: You can use our The Voice Keeper App for iPhone or iPad as an AAC app. Also, your voice can be used on PRC-Saltillo apps: LAMP, TouchChat and Dialogue. On Dialogue AAC app, you can use your voice for free! Android: You can use it with any major Android communication apps, that support external TTS engine. Read more on our Plans page.

How do I install my voice after the purchase? How to use it on different devices?

After making a purchase, you will get an email with your license key and instructions according to your device. Windows SAPI: 1. Download the WINDOWS SAPI version of your voice using this link 2. Run the installer. When the program prompts you to input your license key, paste the code you will get to access your product. 3. When the installation is complete, open your SAPI-compliant speech software. 4. You will see a list of voices with names following the pattern ’personalN_v3’, where N is the number of sentences recorded for the version. 5. Select the latest version of your voice, and start using it. PRC-Saltillo devices: iOS apps: 1) The Voice Keeper app: After your purchase the trial limit is automatically removed. If you've created a personal voice, you will need to login once in order to use it. 2) PRC-Saltillo apps: Dialogue AAC - login with your The Voice Keeper account details to get both the generic and personal voices. In the Dialogue app, the personal voice is free! Lamp WFL and TouchChat: after you purchase your license via our website, login with your The Voice Keeper account details to get both the generic and personal voices.

My personal voice is too slow/fast, can I adjust it?

Yes, you can always adjust your speech rate.

Support and Troubleshooting

Who should I contact if I have more questions? How do I get support?

You can always contact us via our website (please, check you email address spelling, otherwise we won’t be able to get back to you), or via following emails: We are always happy to be of any assistance!

I didn't get my milestone email.

There are few options: - our email was filtered. Please check your spam mailbox. - you started recording/switched to short sentences before reaching your 30 sentences milestone. You will get your 100 sentences voice only, skipping 30 sentences voice. - you misspelled your email address while registering. Please contact us and we will help you to solve this. Your recordings are safe with us, don’t worry! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any case!

I misspelled my email address when registered.

Don’t worry, it can be fixed! Please contact us and we will help you to solve this.