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At The Voice Keeper, our goal is to give each person, adult or a kid, his own voice. We offer speech-language pathologists and related professionals a variety of tools to help adults preserve their vocal identity and help children sound unique like they should.

For SLPs and related professionals working with kids

You can record your own child or a client of your choosing with our voice coach for free, as well as receive a free license to utilize across our supported apps and devices. For this, the Kids' Voices Ambassador  Program, we ask for a review on your platform (blog, website, podcast, long form video content) or a guest blog post. There is a limit of one per clinician. The Kids' voices Ambassador   Program is offered for a limited time and terms may change without notice.

  • Email us and let us know you are an SLP who would like to participate in the Kids' voices Ambassador   Program. Provide verification that you’re a speech-language pathologist or related professional (a professional email address works just fine!) At that time we will discuss the format of your review. If you are recording a client of your choosing, please CC a contact person for that client.

  • We will set up recording meetings with our voice coach. The SLP is encouraged to join (either virtually or in person) the first recording session to experience the process. If the recorded child is the child of the SLP, they would attend all sessions.

  • Once the process is complete, the family of the recorded child will receive the license to utilize the voice across a number of devices or applications.

  • Complete your review of the product and process, and show off the voice to patients, clients and families when discussing options.

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