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Child has a disability and is using AAC)

Your Child’s Words, Your Child’s Voice

Personalize your child’s AAC device with a customized voice from The Voice Keeper Kids

Children don’t look the same - why should they sound the same?

Gone are the days of utilizing a generic voice on an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. Discover the cutting-edge technology that creates new voices so your child sounds like no one else in the world. It’s easy and starts with voice donation.

Choose a Voice Donor

Handpick a family member or close relative to be the donor that helps build your child’s unique voice.

​Let AI Do The Work

Cutting-edge technology takes the recorded phrases and arranges the sounds in a way so that your child can say anything they want on their device in their new voice.

 Enjoy 1:1  Assistance

Our expert voice coach provides guidance to the voice donor, from articulation tips to little-known speech recording techniques, to help the donor record the needed phrases to create the voice.

Personalize your child’s AAC with a Customized Voice

Available now, only with The Voice Keeper Kids

Brothers hugging - one with down syndrome

Step 1

Choose a Donor

The voice donor should be someone in your life, whether a sibling, cousin, friend of a friend, etc. whose connection to you is meaningful and brings you joy.

Step 2

Record The Voice Donor

Schedule remote recording sessions to meet with our voice coach from the convenience of your home. We will walk your donor through the recording process until a superb voice is created. We will work with your donor until a great voice is created, up to 3 hours, in flexible length sessions.

Step 3

Allow AI Generation

Once you have finished recording, allow 30 minutes for our AI technology combines the input from your voice donor to create a totally unique voice.

Step 4

Connect the voice

Once it’s created, you can easily connect the voice to PRC-Saltillo apps and selected devices for FREE, or to a number of other supported devices for a one-time licensing fee.

How It Works

We provide the equipment, coaching, and support. All you have to do is choose a voice donor and follow our simple process.

Give your child a meaningful and impactful gift

Reinforce the connection between your child and those closest to them

Strengthen the bond between your special kid, their loved ones, and your family

Voice Donation: A Small Commitment For A Large Impact

Our technology combines human voice input from your selected voice donor with AI to create a customized voice to be used only by your child.


The voice donor should be someone in your life who is meaningful to you and brings you joy. With just their voice, they can create the gift of a lifetime.


Imagine the look on your child’s face when they get to hear their personalized voice for the first time.


Use The Voice

Apps and selected devices


For use on several other supported devices

For those who use



Create The Voice

High quality microphone

Remote guided recording sessions with our expert voice coach

A unique voice for only your child

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the revolutionary new voice creation service for children through the unique perspective of our users and see how our cutting-edge technology is helping children express themselves in ways never before possible.

See it in action!

All Plans Include:

A microphone sent to you (no need to return!)
1:1 Recording assistance with our voice coach (up to 3 hours)
A copy of the recordings of your voice donor
A voice you can use on any supported app or device

Plans & Pricing

Price depends on your AAC Solution:

Dialogue AAC



Accent devices
(series 30/40)

$ 250

Other Solutions:

All Windows devices
(see complete list)
iOS apps:


TD Talk

$ 549



We deployed the voices to the devices the minute we received them. We love them! Macayla uses her chat more with Riley's voice.  

Brodee enjoys hearing someone similar to who he hears all the time.



We are exploring all the phrases and Rhiannon’s  regular sayings. I am blown away by the realness of the voice, We are so very grateful!



God bless your company for the service you provide... Thank you again for all you do for the AAC users Community... Your personal attention to our case is very touching and helpful. I will never recommend another service besides yours!


Voice Samples

Emma, 10 years old

Emma, 10y/o, recorded for her 9 y/o sister

Parker, 13 years old

Parker, 13 y/o, recorded his voice for his 15 y/o brother

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