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Be a part of something truly impactful.
How Does It work?
Join the Kids’ Voice Ambassador Program and be a part of something truly special! Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:
Apply with ease:

 Simply click the button below to apply and let us know you’re an SLP interested in participating in the program. All we need is verification of your profession (a professional email address will do).

Get set up:

After you apply, we’ll discuss the format of your review and make sure your donated client uses a platform we support. Then, we’ll arrange recording meetings with our voice coach.

Join the experience:

We encourage you to attend the first recording session (virtually or in person) to see the process firsthand and experience the magic of creating a unique voice for a child. If the recorded child is your own, you’ll be able to attend all sessions.

Share the joy:

Upon completion, the child’s family will receive the license to use the voice on their communication solution. Show off the results and process to your patients, clients, and families when discussing options and spread the joy of this life-changing technology.

One kid’s voice per clinician. The Kids’ voices Ambassador Program is offered for a limited time and terms may change without notice.

Kids Voices 

Ambassador Program

Join the Kid’s Voice Ambassador program and become a part of something truly special.

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As an SLP, you have the chance to provide a child with a one-of-a-kind AI voice, FREE OF CHARGE. Here are three reasons why you should join today:

Give a child a voice and empower them to express themselves in new ways, leading to increased confidence and independence.

Positive Impact:

Experience the positive impact that a unique voice can have on a child and their family, and be a part of something truly meaningful.

Technology Advancement:

Stay at the forefront of technology advancements in speech therapy and learn how to use AI technology to enhance your practice and improve patient outcomes.

Become our ambassdor

In exchange for joining the program and giving a child a unique voice, we ask that you share your thoughts and experiences with others through a review on your platform or a guest blog post. This allows you to spread the word about the program and the impact it can have, and provides valuable insights for other SLPs and families in the community.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference.
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