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1 Year Of A Free Trial, To Demonstrate Voice Banking To Your Patients

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Welcome to The Voice Keeper!

We’re here to assist you in helping your patients.

Just until we arrived, creating a personal voice required at least 30-60 minutes of work (vendor A) or days of work (vendor B), AND getting a specific microphone…

We believe it made it complicated even for therapists to demonstrate voice banking to their customers because it’s a burden, not encouraging anyone to do it.

When we started to work on The Voice Keeper, one of our goals was to make it easier for the PROFESSIONALS.


Because professionals need to demonstrate our tech to a lot of patients on the one hand, and on the other hand, since they don’t really need it for medical reasons, their motivation to record for hours or days is not that strong.

We believe that it’s important that our technology is very EASY and accessible, and that no significant effort is required to create a personal voice.

Thus, we did two things to help reach this goal:

First, our technology can show good results even after a few minutes of recording, and our milestone-based system gives everyone the motivation to keep recording, as they hear their voice improving almost immediately.

Second, our iOS app allows us to create fantastic voices, relying on the iPhone’s microphone, so nobody has to look for a microphone anymore(*).

If you’re a therapist, you can demonstrate our solution to your patients for 1 year for free on us, using the following:

  • iOS apps (The Voice Keeper, Dialogue AAC, TouchChat)

  • Web browser (even mobile)

  • Windows SAPI

In order to get your FREE license:

  • Register and record at least 100 sentences using our website or iOS app. Our new 3rd generation synthesis technology learns your voice very well very fast, and most users reach a great personal voice already after recording only 100-300 sentences. (**)

  • Send us a verification that you’re a therapist (professional email address is just fine).

  • Get your installation link by email: Windows SAPI, iOS apps and web usage 1-year free trial license. (***)

Get your free personal voice AND a diverse pool of generic voices today, in these apps!

Furthermore, we look forward to getting your reflection on your experience so we could continue to improve the process and the technology. It is very important to us to create the perfect tool for keeping your patients’ voice.

Do you know another therapist who would like to demonstrate his/her voice to his/her patients? Share this offer with your colleagues!

(*) In our experience, a voice created using a recommended USB headset microphone sounds just a bit better than the one recorded with an iPhone.

(**) There are few recording options. 1) Desktop app for PC with a USB headset 2) iOS app for iPhone/iPad or MacBook WITHOUT any additional microphone. Choose one that suits you the most!

(***) After the end of that year there is no special process to apply again for continued access. Just send us an email and we will extend your Pro trial license.

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