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The Advantages Of Choosing The Voice Keeper

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The fastest voice banking service.

We’ve worked hard to make TheVoiceKeeper live up to this claim.

We’re driven by a mission to ensure that everyone can safeguard their voice with minimal effort.

Having worked with hundreds of ALS patients and speech language therapists, we know that you might be tempted to postpone banking your voices. Often people are deterred by the time it takes to record, by the complexity of the process, or by the price.

Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to high quality synthetic voices. That everyone can create a voice quickly and easily preserve it for future use.

We also know from experience what people regret at later stages of ALS. When their voices are weak or gone they wish they had started recording earlier.

TheVoiceKeeper’s mission is to prevent this regret from arising.

Whatever your deterrent, whatever stops you from starting to bank your voice now, we aim to fight it.

We do it so that you can have a peace of mind be sure that, when the time comes, you’ll have a high quality, personalized synthetic voice at hand. A voice that reflects your personality—one that you’re proud to use when talking to your friends and loved ones.

In just 3 minutes of recording from now, you can hear the basic version of your voice. It’s really that quick. In additional 7 minutes you will here your voice at our newest technology.

Try for yourself now. Or, read on to discover some of our strongest advantages.

Improvements without hours of effort.

With TheVoiceKeeper you can hear the improvements progressively. Each 10 minutes of recording is a new milestone, and each milestone is a new version of your voice.

You can compare very version with the previous one and decide if you’d like to record more and further improve the quality of your voice. Our “Is that enough?” wizard (coming soon!) will help you decide when to stop.

Rule of thumb? With our newest V3 technology recording 100-200 sentences usually allows you to reach 80% of the possible quality of your personalized voice.

It really won’t take long to tick the “bank my voice” task off your task list!

Free voice creation!

We don’t charge for creating your voice, only for downloading it. Our technology is focused on helping you create the most accurate version of your voice and safeguarding it for the future.

We don’t want to use buying pressure as an incentive to encourage you to record. The decision when to buy your voice is yours. We’ll keep it safe, until you’re ready.

The most important step you can take now, is to start recording.

Create a personal voice from existing recordings.

Can’t record anymore? No problem.

You can upload existing recordings of your voice and we will use them to create a personalized synthetic voice for you. Whether it’s a message bank or another recording, we can work with it!

Windows SAPI support

Our voices work well with any major communication software. When you’re ready to download, you’ll be able to do it in one click.

After downloading you’ll be able do use your voice locally, without an internet connection.

Ready to give it a go?

Creating a voice with TheVoiceKeeper is free, and the results will surprise you!

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