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Enhance your voice: Personal messages (“Message Banking” with The Voice Keeper)

While using a synthetic voice that sounds like you is extremely important for you and your loved ones, it’s still a synthetic voice that doesn’t have the full emotional and expressive capability of our voice

Therefore, it is advised to record some messages that will be used in the future together with your synthetic voice, in such a way, that if you type them, they will be played in YOUR ORIGINAL voice and not the synthesized voice.

Such phrases can be sentences you use frequently, messages that are important for you and unique to your communication. A trivial example is “Honey I love you”

It is recommended to separate the creation of personal messages from the traditional voice banking, by doing voice Banking first, as it’s easier and faster. Record your personal messages AFTER you have a personal synthetic voice, at your own pace and time.

Personal messages require both a recording and a corresponding text that you enter, so that recording can be used when you type it.

How does our system help you in recording personal messages?

  1. Using the website

After you login to our system, select “Create your voice”, then “Advanced” and then “personal Messages”

You will need to type the text you want to read for each message, or upload a Word document with all your sentences.

Once you upload your sentences, you can click “Record your voice” and you will be able to record them.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to!

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