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Convert an existing video or old recordings

IMPORTANT: If you can still record your voice, this is NOT the recommended way of preserving your voice. Instead, start with the conventional voice banking process.

If you are no longer able to record your voice but have past recordings, such as interviews, speeches, podcasts, family event recordings, etc., this service is for you. Here are the steps to use your recordings and create a personalized synthetic voice:

1)First, gather all available recordings so you can filter out the best and most suitable ones.

2) Filter out all recordings with poor audio quality, such as those recorded from a distance, with background noise, or in which it's hard to segment your voice.

3) Upload the good recordings using this link:

4) In order to create a digital voice, we need files in which each file is a sentence, and has an attached accurate transcription.

If such files are uploaded (you can upload audio and text files separately. We match them according to their names). We can process them immediately and freely, provided we have at least 50 files with at least 400 words total.If you uploaded non-transcribed files OR longer files, we need to manually segment long files to sentences and transcribe them. That is a paid service.

The cost to prepare these files  is $175 for the first hour of audio (even if the amount of audio uploaded is lower).

5)After payment is made, we will start processing your recorded audio and create the synthetic voice. When ready, we will email you a sample and you could also try it out on our website. If you like it, you can purchase it or use it for free on a PRC-Saltillo solution.

Note that the quality of the synthesized voice created is heavily influenced by the quality of your available recordings."

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