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Message banking conversion

IMPORTANT: If you can still record your voice - this is NOT the recommended way to create a useful, high quality personal voice! If you can record - start with the conventional voice banking process.

You can add your existing message banking recordings, but we recommend NOT SKIPPING the fast and easy and safe stage of Voice Banking, if you can still record, of course.

Message banking is a technique that allows individuals with neurodegenerative diseases, such as ALS, to record personal messages, stories, and other important information in their own voice. The recordings can be stored on a communication device and accessed later when the person's ability to speak is impaired. This technique helps individuals with ALS to preserve their unique voice, maintain a sense of identity, and communicate more effectively as their ability to speak declines. It is often used in combination with other communication techniques to support communication as the disease progresses.

There are two ways you can use your existing message banking recordings in order to create a personal voice (sometimes called “Double Dipping”)

Both start on this page: (registration required, not supported on mobile device):

You can either upload files stored on your computer or convert files stored on a message banking service (We support both and

The minimal amount of recordings is 50 sentences/400 words, but the more the merrier!

Using your banked messages for voice creation is free, as long as your message bank contains enough sentences, each sentence in its own file, with transcripts for each file.

If your message banking set (for example) contains a long story, before creating a voice from it, we will have to split it into sentences and transcribe each sentence, and that is a paid service. 

For each 60 minutes of audio to prepare (break into sentences and transcribe) we charge $175 (The calculation is rounded up, so a 20 minutes audio still costs $175, and a 62 minutes audio costs $350).

After the payment (if it is required) we will start processing your audio, and create the synthetic voice. We will email you when the voice is ready, and you can try it on our website, and if you like it - purchase it (or use it for free on a PRC-Saltillo solution)

Note that the quality of the created voice is dependent on the quality and quantity of your recordings.

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